of an efficient company

Since 1993, in ITDC, we have mantained a vocation for moulded Wood, giving different solutions and applications in order to produce the most spectacular and useful pieces.

During the course of the years, we have applied many changes. At the beggining, it was such a manual process, while now, we have applied new technologies in order to achieve precission in machining. These changes allow us produce in shorter times and lower prices, with the capacity of being able to serve national and international orders.

ITDC is now at the Forefront of the moulded Wood sector, with experience in all types of furniture, specially in chairs. We also work in the manufacturing of Wood structures which are part of walls of singular building roofs, for sculptors, and nowadays growing in the ilumination sector, where Wood is a current material and the designs are more sofisticated every day.

Our possibilities go from giving advice to our customers to help them make their projects take place, to manufacture every piece, varnished or lacquered, as the customer requests.

We also have a large amount of molds in stock which allow us give immediate solutions with a low price. We always have Wood enough in stock to be able to serve every order in the best delivery dates.

We find José Luis Mañas Estrader leading the company. He has worked for many years in the automotive sector, where he has acquired so much knowledge in industrialization and quality processes. He has been able to join a team able to give solutions to architects and designers. We give advise in every part of the process to make sure the viablity of the Project.

In Itdc, we are ready to face the future with guaranties, keep generating added value to our products and give answers to new needs in our customers.