We are specialists
in bending wood

Itdc has a large stock of raw material in order to give quick solutions to big demands in case of emergency. This fact makes us work freely without being conditioned by the Wood market.

We own hundreds of molds which allow us offer better prices to our customers in case they can be used to cover their needs. We also manufacture new molds

Pressing tools:
The first step of every process is to press the veneers, through a process of gluing them and applying them the optimum temperature to achieve a solid base.
We own 7 pressing tools and 1 one that allow us make straight pieces.

Con la
Once the piece is moulded, we proceed to the machining of it. We own two CNC stations with 5 axis which allow us the development of all sort of pieces. It is also important to be precise cutting the pieces using COSMEC and PADE.

Occasionally, the product requires a certain finish. We can hand in the pieces varnished or lacquered, depending on the customer needs.
Quality control
We realize a detailed quality control in every phase of the process.
After-sales services
Once the process is over and we have delivered our pieces, we react immediatly to any doubt or circumstance that could happen with our customer.